22 okt. 2011

CARS: the future?

Is this the future? 
We can discuss about 'the looks', you can love it or hate it. 
BUT a supercar... that doesn't make any noise? 

I still prefer this oil eating, environment destroying, buldering machine!!!!!!
The new Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale !!

source: autoblog.com, hypebeast.com

5 okt. 2011

Lambo nr. 3?

Will this become Lamborghini's third model of the year?

Source: Gumball

2 okt. 2011

My Outfit: respect the classic rules

Typical questions:
  • How do you wear a shirt? Loose, tuck it in your pants? Roll up your sleeves? Button up?
  • When does a pair of pants really fit? Too long, too short, too skinny, too too too...
  • How do you choose a belt? 
  • Do these shoes match?

So, here's a visual answer: 

You don't need to follow the 'everyday changing trends': buttoned up shirt, short pants, no belt, ... 
Just do what you know best and do it with flair!!!

Complete outfit for sale at our store: Mr. & Mrs. TWEED 

Pants: Selected: 49,95€
Belt: Selected: 34, 95€
Shirt: Minimum: 69€
Hat: Penguin: 34€

PROOF: All ages fit in our store, my dad wears the same shirt:)))

28 sep. 2011


TREND: fill up your pockets

If there's one thing we've noticed since we've opened Mr & Mrs TWEED


One tiny problem, we tend to feel a bit dull and boring in it. 
So here's some inspiration on how to pimp your suit:

Does it surprise you that we've ordered some extra suits ...

Source: sartorialist, tommy ton, tetino tete

15 sep. 2011

My Outfit: Mr. TWEED

Let's call this my 'One week Mr & Mrs TWEED anniversary outfit'!!!! 

And can I just say that I am 100% Madly, Deeply, Truly in love with our Fall collection!!!!!! Yep: wool, stripes, velvet, rusty colours, elbow patches, coloured chinos, ... You name it, we've got it!!!!! (Does it show that I'm proud..??)

this weekend it's BRADERIE in Mechelen :))))
Which means: 10% discount on the entire collection. See you there!!!

Shoes: selected @ Mr. Tweed: 79;95€
Pants: Minimum @ Mr. Tweed: 90€
Long sleeve T: Samsoe @ Mr. Tweed
Shirt: Minimum @ Mr. Tweed: 60€
Woolen vest: Samsoe @ Mr. Tweed

3 sep. 2011



Why have we chosen for the name: Mr & Mrs TWEED???
Most important reason: It sounds fun...
Also, it's the (annoying) sound of our new residents (come check them out in our store:)))
And, luckily, it's one of the 'must have' fabrics for next season!!!

Check out GQ's shoot with nothing but tweed!!